Mail Prince is an email marketing service provided by a team of Internet marketing professionals. Our goal is to help you boost sales by sending out attractive, relevant and effective emails to target market recipients.

What makes us different than other similar services is our focus on ease of use and cost effectiveness. We did not start with the intention of regularly siphoning funds from companies. Instead we realized from our own experience that what was missing from the email campaign and newsletter industry was a low cost option that would allow those businesses looking to communicate with their audience on a semi-regular basis without having to pay high monthly fees... or any monthly fees whatsoever.

At MailPrince.com we have done away with hidden costs and unexpected invoices. After the inital set up cost, you pay only when you decide to send an email to your subscribers and nothing else. With the low cost of $9 per broadcast and 3¢ per recipient it couldn't be simpler.

Prince Who

The "Mail Prince" is Prince Who and he's on his way toward becoming a phenomenon!

A bit about the name: We know that you can't have a female prince and mail prince sounds a lot like male prince and male prints, not to mention mail prints. So why choose such an ambigous name with generic terms that fails the radio test? Simple: We liked it.

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