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Email marketing is an effective way to generate and boost sales. By sending out email blasts to your clients or prospective customers, you are harnessing the power of your target market.

Standard email systems are meant for people to send to a up to a dozen or so people at a time. By sending a large amount of emails to many people from your inbox, it tells the server that you're a spammer and sends the emails that your recipients should receive into the junk mail folder where they will most likely never see it. It also messes up the server which can get added to a blacklist, meaning that when you try to send regular emails (even one-to-one) in the future, all of them may go into the junk mail folder.

No. The emails you collect and send must be "opt-in" to be legal.

The system is extremely sensitive and tracks many aspects of the emails you send. For example, if too many people who receive your email unsubscribe, and do so at a quick pace, it will suspect that you sent spam and legal action may be taken against you. We want our system to be one of the best email marketing services in the world and sending spam will ruin our reputation.

It's up to your imagination as to what kind of campaign you want to send. That said, our service is often used for the following:

  • Newsletters
  • Anouncement of Specials & Discounts
  • Company Updates (such as a new locations)
  • Invitations (Private parties, weddings, other events)
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Property Teasers
  • Deal Announcements
  • Updating Clients
  • Sending Recent Portfolios
  • Investment Offerings
  • Executive Promotion Annoucements
  • Closed Deals or Partnership Initiation
  • Email Press Releases

No. Your subscriber list is kept strictly confidential and at no point will any one of your subscribers be privy to this information.

Emails campaigns are queued and sent out within a resoanble amount of time, which can fluctuate depending on the number of campaigns being sent. Also, email clients may hold an email for verification and this we have no control over.

Almost any HMTL file which has been created with tables can be used as a custom template. CSS-based designs will need to be modified in order to be viewable in major email clients.

Not a problem, simply cease using your account. It will still be there when you decide to start sending your campaigns again.

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